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Essaypro 2020 Scholarship Essay Competition

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International Bipolar Foundation High School Competition

Optimist International offers an annual scholarship competition for essays for those under 19 who are not yet in college. The purpose of the scholarship is to arouse the interest of young people to write about the world in which they live and their thoughts about it. Each candidate can write about his or her own experience, the experience of the country in which they live, or a passage from the story that they believe is relevant to the topic. Each submitted essay will first compete at the club level and advance to the district level if the essay is recognized as one of the best. The district level winner will receive a $ 2,500 scholarship..

Once a year, the Bill of Rights Institute organizes an essay contest “We Students.” Applicants must write what civic lecturing means to them..

The current topic is “What is patriotism for me”. This competition is only available to high school students. Each entry will compete at the state level and can advance to the national level if recognized as one of the best. All first place winners will receive a $ 500 state-level minimum, and the first place national winner will receive $ 5,000 and a paid trip to the capital, Washington, D.C….

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The goal is to encourage people to write essays about their experiences and ideas, rather than just writing a vocabulary definition. The Bill of Rights Institute is looking for essays that contain creativity, participation, and examples. “Foreign War Veterans” offers an essay contest for young people “Patriotic Pens”. The purpose of this essay is to inspire young people to look at American history as well as their personal experiences in contemporary American society. VFW will choose a specific topic related to patriotism and candidates will have to write between 300 and 400 words..

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