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There are several details to think about when planning the scenery round the wedding reception; the color theme, the flowers, the table design, the menus, and the wedding details, something traditional, something fresh, fun and distinctive from other weddings…But there’s one thing that should not be underestimated. THE ILLUMINATION. It gets dark towards halfway the supper, and the day is far from finished yet! By making the ideal illumination, you produce a warm and cosy ambience, where folks enjoy themselves, and in which they would like to stay more. Read that again, dark is not a fun place to be! Sometimes the right illumination creates magic. Let us light up the night and concentrate on wedding decoration! Here couple thoughts how keep your guests cosy and to do little magic with light; 1. Illumination of this castle courtyard: Few uplight places to illuminate the rustic castle walls. Lots of candles on tables, walls and stairways to light the massive surroundings. Medieval kind of magical! 2. Fairy lights. The classic of this outdoor wedding decoration. Hanged up involving trees. Only magical. 3. Lanterns. Put them on the ground, on lower walls and hang up smaller ones. Mix up little and large, different colours and styles. Country elegant and cosy, in which you definitely wish to hang little 4 Illuminating Nighttime Wedding Decoration Ideas longer. 4. Lanterns look nice on day also. Excellent for decorating the Celtics pty’ spaces, where you do not know what else to place. Light up the candles in the evening, and what used to be a dim corner has become a beautiful focus. 5. Table decoration with candles. Mixing low and high candles makes elegant look effortless. You just can’t have too many candles and tea lights on tables. Much candle lighting is much better! 6. Chandeliers. Safeguard the candles, and have them always inside glassotherwise they’ll be dismissed or burn out double as fast if even slightly windy weather. Pick them high enough so that you can understand your table mates. 7. Working mild. Illuminate the critical happenings, are a shame if people could not see what’s up! 8. Folks are gont require a whole lot images of that yummy wedding cake, let us make it visible and pretty! 9. Boogey Night Lights. You can choose the color of the illuminated evening pub. The lights are often battery powered, so you are able to set the pub where you wish! 10. The wedding marquees may be illuminated inside and outside with transparent or colourful lights. Light up the night! You’ll get a better party and much better photos if you focus on the light!

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